Breath: the Fleeting Intensity of Life – Vincent Ward

 Vincent Ward Breath: the fleeting intensity of life at Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art & History reviewed  by Paul Melser at Wairarapa re-Views

Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art & History  February 2014

By Paul Melser

Vincent Ward’s video is a shortened version of a larger work that circulated around New Zealand Galleries in late 2011 and 2012. Much of the publicity surrounding those showings and the commentary around them seems to have been provided by Ward himself through interviews and written publicity material. The version we see at Aratoi has two scenes. One shows a fat naked man lying in the middle of the road, in a deserted small town, at either dawn or dusk being approached by a white horse. You can read the rest of the review here

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