The City– Becoming and Decaying

Aratoi Museum of Art & History May 2014

By Paul Melser

“The City– Becoming and Decaying” is an exhibition of photographs curated by the Goethe Institute, currently showing at Aratoi.

In the introduction to his book ‘Century’ featuring 100 years of photography (1900 – 2000), the editor Bruce Bernard says:

“I have deliberately avoided many, although by no means all, of the famous historical ‘icons’, or those that have been used to show any nation’s indomitable spirit. Overuse has made them irritatingly unreal (or perhaps it was their very unreality that has led to their becoming overused), and I believe they can deaden people’s responses, making them feel complacent or superior, and discouraging them from seeking or seeing real feeling in the less familiar, more thought-provoking images. Read more at here:

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